The Copper Branch Corporation is committed in pursuing the growth and expansion of Copper Branch™. We strive to be a franchising company and are continuously looking for franchisees and owners to bring success to the Copper Branch™ brand and mission. Owning a Copper Branch is a tremendous financial and communally-beneficial opportunity. We seek qualified partners with high business experience and financial resources.


Copper Branch restaurants offer an experience to consumers no other typical fast-food establishment could provide. With tremendous work being done in brand development, store design, food preparation, and social media, Copper Branch is poised for global acceptance and aggressive growth. We plan on spreading international awareness of our goals and product in an increasingly popular market. The average consumer is more health-conscious and food aware than ever before and Copper Branch is making it easier, more enjoyable, and better than ever to eat healthy vegan powerfoods. Our mission is to serve amazing plant-based foods, prepared with only the freshest and most wholesome ingredients, packaged conveniently and served-quickly with friendly and smiling staff, while being completely responsible and ethical in the entire process.


Copper Branch seeks financially eligible partners in pursuing the growth of Copper Branch™. Financing: Select buyers may be eligible for certain financing options from the Copper Branche Corporation in return for restaurant ownership / controlling percentages. Contact us to discuss any financing opportunities further.


Thank-you for your interest in Copper Branch. To further proceed with a franchising application, please email us about your interest and current experience and financial position and we will send you our Application Form. Welcome to Copper Branch!

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